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Nebraska and Omaha Force seek to provide today's youth baseball and softball athletes with top of the line instruction and development.  Our mission is to get our athletes ready to compete at the high school level and beyond.  Our coaches and instructors have experience at the high school, college and professional levels.   Our fastpitch softball teams compete at Class A,B and C; our baseball teams will range from AA-majors.  


If you are interested in becoming a Nebraska Force or Omaha Force team, or want to coach, and you have a group of kids that want to stick together, please contact Steve Stamm at 402-968-6141.  


We are a true baseball and softball club.  The goal is to get kids together that just flat out want to be around, and learn from ball players.  All coaches go through club classes with their teams to make sure all athletes and coaches are learning the same techniques that they will reinforce during practices.  

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PrimeForce Sports, Inc.
10456 Chandler Rd. Suite 105
La Vista, NE 68128

Phone: 402.200.4380
Email: chris@omahaforce.com



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